Within Nicks Kids, we have a handful of children at private schools, all through help from our private donors. Once our student athletes complete their high school education, we do our best to help them while in college. Through the help of donors, we have been able to participate in a number of fieldtrips, both fun and educational. These trips have helped make sure children are preoccupied and away from their everyday routine within the developments. Many have gotten to know places they had never been too.

Given that education is our priority, we hope to be able to add more children to take advantage of a better quality of education with your help. If you wish to donate, you may do so by clicking the link down below or contacting us in order to obtain our tax id.

Thank you to FLAG and all those who support this charity!

Thank you to the Water Buffalo Club for their continued support and generosity to our program!

Thank you to the Thursday Night Club for your support and dedication to Nicks Kids!

Thank you to MLS, LAFC, Kellyn Acosta and the Acosta Foundation for providing us with the necessary tools to refurbish our soccer pitch!